Full of sadness and woe

I've learned that all important lesson that every writer learns the hard way at least once: BACK YO SHIT UP!! I write on my Kindle Fire, which, you guessed it! crapped out on me a few days ago. I had approximately 50k words in different WIP's, including 25k words of a half finished mini-bang I (obviously) missed the deadline for but have still been plugging away at since April. ::sigh:: It's cool, you can tell me how brain dead I am. So, where do you guys back up? I know a lot of people use AO3, are there any others I should check out?

Prompt me, baby!

I need some inspiration! I have a crippling case of writer's block at the moment. Anyone have any ficlets their dying to see? I write mainly Sam/Dean with the occasional J2, but I'll take a go at any SPN pairing at this point just to fucking write something. So prompt away, I'm dying to get the creative juices flowing again!

WANTED: beta (reader, not fish)

Sooo, anyone out there interested in beta-ing for my Sam/Dean OTP mini-bang piece? I'm only 5000 words in, so it'll be a little while before it's in any shape to read, but I've never used a beta before so I figured I'd ask around now. Pretty please and thanx?


Sam/Dean Mini-Bang :@

Soo... I signed up for the mini-bang!! I've never put myself on a deadline before so I'm a bit nervous, what with my penchant for not finishing things. I think I can handle 10,000 words,though. Wish me luck that I don't psyche myself out!

FIC: Drink, Drank, Drunk

Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Characters: J2
Rating: PG-13 -- Wordcount: 1600
Summary: Written for the prompt Filming scenes like this is a real hardship. (rpf?) on glovered's dunk!boys comment fic meme
So maybe switching out the decorative bottles of amber colored mineral water with real booze had been a mistake. Maybe replacing just Jensen's bottle would have been a better idea than all five of the prop bottles that had been set out for them…

Warnings: spoilers for 7x18 Party On, Garth

Collapse )

Hi, I'm a moron

I feel really dumb asking this but I'm completely LJ retarded. How the hell do I make a hyperlink on here?? I think I'm missing something, I'm just trying to link chapters together!